Service Rates

We charge a variable rate based on:
  • the type of care or service needed
  • when it is provided
  • where it is delivered

There are no costs for our initial visit and “non-medical” assessment, but a charge may be levied if a Nursing Assessments is needed. Mileage fees may be applicable in some circumstances & Costs are worked out and discussed with you prior to commencement of service

Statutory Holidays:

Statutory Holiday charges are base rate with an additional $3 per hour.
We recognize the following U.S. Federal Statutory Holidays:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • July 4
  • New Years
  • Memorial day
  • Easter
  • Labor day
Overtime Rates

Overtime charges are 1 ½ the standard rate or as regulated.

Our Basic Fee Schedule

The following Fee Schedule reflects our basic fees only, i.e., overtime and stat holidays will be higher.

Service Fee
Companion Services $25/hr
Home Making Services $30/hr
Personal Care $30/hr
Overnight Attendant $30/hr
24-Hour Live-In Attendant $350/day

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