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Setting Up Pediatric Home Health Services at CareSphere: A Guide for Families
Welcome to CareSphere, where we specialize in providing personalized pediatric home health services. Understanding the unique needs of each family, we’ve tailored our admission process to ensure your child receives the best possible care. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with our services:

Step 1: Referral
Initiating care for your child is straightforward and accessible through various means:

  • By Phone: Call us at 610-868-1801, extension 202, to discuss your needs directly.
  • By Email: Reach out to us with details of your needs at
  • Online: Visit and fill out the referral form available on our website.

Step 2: Initial Intake Review
After your referral, one of our dedicated staff members will contact you to gather and confirm essential information such as:

  • Your child’s demographics and the specific department for admission.
  • Payer eligibility and the type of caregiver required, including any preferences.
  • Desired schedule, weekly hours, start date, and emergency contact information.

We will also provide you with a new patient packet, an overview of our agency, and a detailed explanation of your rights and responsibilities.

Step 3: Service Agreement
A Service Agreement, detailing the scope of services we will provide, will be made available to you via an online form for convenience. It’s essential this agreement is reviewed, understood, and signed before the commencement of services. This document ensures transparency and understanding of our mutual commitments. A copy will be sent to you and securely stored in your child's client file.

Step 4: Payer Authorization
All pediatric shift care services at CareSphere necessitate prior authorization from your insurance provider. To streamline this process, CareSphere collaborates closely with your child's prescribing physician, our dedicated CareSphere nurse, and you—the parent or legal guardian. Our team meticulously gathers all required documentation to ensure a comprehensive submission for the authorization request to your insurance company.
This collaborative approach guarantees that we not only meet the insurance criteria for service approval but also advocate effectively for the necessary care your child deserves. Our goal is to secure the approval swiftly so that your child can begin receiving care without unnecessary delays.

Step 5: Your CareSphere Coordinator
A dedicated CareSphere Coordinator will be assigned to oversee your child's care. This coordinator will become your primary point of contact, working in partnership with you to manage all aspects of your child's caregiving experience. They will ensure that both the quality of care and scheduling meet your expectations and adapt as necessary to suit your child's evolving needs. Our coordinators are committed to facilitating seamless communication and coordination, guaranteeing a supportive and responsive care environment for your family.

Step 6: Assigning Your Child's Care Team
CareSphere will assign home health aides and/or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) based on the specific needs outlined in your child's service plan. Your scheduling coordinator will lead the meticulous process of selecting the ideal caregiver or nurse to meet your child's daily care and shift requirements. Here's how we ensure the best match:

  • Complexity of Service Needs: We assess the detailed services your child requires to match them with caregivers or nurses equipped with the skills to efficiently meet those needs.
  • Qualifications of Caregivers: The educational background, experience, and specialized training of our staff are carefully considered to align with your child’s care plan, ensuring the best possible match.
  • Urgency of Care Needs: The immediacy of your child's care needs is a priority, guiding us to arrange timely and effective caregiver assignments.
  • Family Preferences: Your preferences for your child’s caregiver are crucial to our selection process, as we aim to ensure your family's comfort and satisfaction with our care.

All CareSphere staff members receive extensive training tailored to the distinctive needs identified in your child's care plan. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the assigned caregiver or nurse not only meets the essential service criteria but also resonates with your family’s preferences and the specific urgency of your child's care needs. Our objective is to provide a caregiver or nurse who integrates smoothly into your family dynamic, delivering compassionate, personalized care that supports your child's well-being and development.

Step 7: Start of Care Assessment and Plan of Care Development
Upon receiving authorization from your insurance confirming that your child's care is approved, a CareSphere registered nurse will promptly schedule a Start of Care Assessment. This critical step involves a comprehensive review to ensure that all aspects of your child's needs are thoroughly understood and addressed.
During this assessment, the nurse will work closely with you to develop a customized Plan of Care tailored specifically for your child. This plan outlines the care protocols and procedures that our nurses or home health aides will adhere to during each shift, ensuring consistency and quality in the care provided.
Following the creation of the Plan of Care, our nurse will facilitate the process of obtaining your physician's approval and signature on the plan. This ensures that your child's medical care is fully integrated and that your physician remains informed and involved in all progress and any adjustments to the care plan as needed. Our commitment is to keep open and transparent communication lines with all involved parties, ensuring your child's health and well-being are always at the forefront of our care efforts.

Step 8: Bi-monthly Care Plan Reassessment

  • Every 60 days, a dedicated nurse from CareSphere will conduct a comprehensive reassessment of your child's care plan. This critical review ensures that the care being provided continues to meet your child's evolving needs effectively and appropriately. During this process, the nurse will: Evaluate the current care plan against your child's progress and any changes in their health status or needs.
  • Update the care plan to reflect any new treatments, goals, or adjustments required to optimize care.
  • Communicate any changes or updates in the care plan to the assigned providers, ensuring all team members are informed and aligned with the new directives.

This bi-monthly reassessment guarantees that your child receives the most relevant and effective care tailored to their ongoing development and health requirements. Our commitment is to ensure continuity, quality, and the adaptability of care, maintaining open communication with you and your child's healthcare providers to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Jun 12, 2024

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