Our Responsibilities

Our primary responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure that Direct Care Workers meet the state’s competency requirements
  • Review Direct Care Workers’ competency at least annually and more often, if indicated
  • Document face-to-face interviews with all Direct Care Workers and independent contractors
  • Provide ongoing, competent and appropriate supervision of Direct Care Workers
  • Carry bonding for Agency staff
  • Carry general liability, professional liability and other insurances as necessary
  • Meet the standards of Worker’s Compensation
  • Conduct criminal background checks on all staff; and maintain documentation confirming these clearances have been done
  • Ensure home care service delivery standards are met
  • Ensure federal, state, county & municipal legalities are researched and applied
  • Adhere to labor regulations
  • Make deductions for social security, Medicare and other taxes
  • Conduct needs assessments with our clients’ and their loved ones’ input
  • Develop Care Plans with our clients’ and their loved ones’ input
  • Consult with relative professionals regarding the Care Plan (as required)
  • Be part of or coordinate a health care team to provide for the client’s needs, as indicated
  • Provide clients with written documentation of
    • The services that will be provided
    • Names of the Direct Care Workers assigned to deliver service
    • Hours when services will be provided
    • Fees for services and total costs
  • Maintain the client's confidentiality, privacy and dignity
  • Maintain professionalism and a code of ethics
  • Avoid inflicting its personal values and standards onto clients
  • Be alert for and report signs of elder abuse
  • Obtain immunizations when required unless such an act is contrary to personal beliefs and/or medical conditions
  • Ensure Direct Care Workers and Independent Contractors, exposed to clients, undergo screening tests to ensure they do not have an infectious disease such as Tuberculosis and/or Hepatitis
  • Be aware of the cost portion that other parties (e.g., Medicare & Medicaid) will be responsible for, when clients receive third party financial assistance; and, know what charges they will not cover
  • When requested, ensure clients have access to all service invoices pertaining to their service, regardless of whether the bills are paid out-of-pocket or by another party
  • Provide clients with the Department of Health’s telephone number for registering complaints
  • Ensure that staff do not assume Power of Attorney or Guardianship over any client, who is receiving services from the Agency
  • Ensure that clients do not endorse checks over to the Agency
  • Establish and monitor appropriate professional boundaries
  • Abide by our own policies, procedures and bet practices
Jun 11, 2024

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