Your Rights & Responsibilities

As our client, you have the right to be informed, in writing, of your rights; your responsibilities; and our responsibilities.

Your Rights:
  • to voice a complaint regarding services.
  • to refuse all or part of care.
  • to privacy, security and respect of property and person.
  • to have communication needs met.
  • to Independent Living, including the right to:
    • Make decisions about your own life
    • Fully participate in your community
    • Fully participate in care planning
    • Live with dignity
    • Have appropriate support in your home
    • Have appropriate support to maintain employment
    • Guide, direct and control your services
    • Make choices
    • Expect equal access to social, economic and political opportunities
  • To be involved in the care planning process and to receive services with reasonable accommodations of individual needs and preferences, except where the health and safety of the direct care worker is at risk.
  • To receive at least ten (10) calendar days advance notice of the intent of the home care agency to terminate services. Less than ten (10) days advance notice may be provided in the event the client has failed to pay for services, despite notice, and the client is more than fourteen (14) days in arrears, or if the health and welfare of the direct care worker is at risk.
Your responsibilities:

To help your services from being disrupted, delayed, changed, or cancelled, your responsibilities are to:

  • Provide necessary supplies and equipment for staff when needed to complete work assignments in the home.
  • Not ask for or offer any money, gifts, clothing, etc. to staff
  • Be present when the employee is scheduled to arrive and also when the employee is scheduled to leave.
  • Provide accurate and complete information about present medical issues and other matters relating
  • To your overall health status, mobility and functioning.
  • Report unexpected changes in your health status, such as hospitalizations, illnesses, or injuries.
  • Give feedback regarding services, needs and expectations.
  • Ask questions regarding care or services.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Follow the agency’s policies and procedures concerning conduct.
  • Show respect and consideration for the Agency’s personnel and property.
  • Meet financial commitments by promptly meeting any financial obligation agreed to with our agency.
  • No individual, as a result of the individual's affiliation with a home care agency or home care registry, may assume power of attorney or guardianship over a client utilizing the services of the Home care agency or home care registry.
  • The home care agency or home care registry may not require a client to endorse checks over to the home care agency or home care registry.

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