Staffing Practices

We apply stringent practices when recruiting employees and comply with state and federal regulations, equal opportunity requirements and non-discriminatory regulations. Applicants must consent to background checks, as part of the hiring process or their applications will not be considered further.
Background checks include:

  • Criminal records
  • Sex and Violent Offenders Record
  • Child Abuse Clearances (if indicated)
  • Currency of license
  • Certifications & registrations
  • Medical suitability
  • Drugs and alcohol usage; and
  • Motor vehicle records

Direct Care Workers have successfully completed the required training courses and been assessed for competency. They were tested for Tuberculosis and have been offered the Hepatitis B vaccinations. New employees receive a comprehensive orientation, which includes Agency policies, related governmental regulations and industry standards. All employees undertake scheduled, job-related training and development programs on an annual and as needed basis.

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