Transfer Discharge Policy

Your Choice, Your Journey
At CareSphere, we respect and uphold the rights of individuals under our care, especially when it involves transitioning to a new service provider. Aligning with PA Code 55 Chapter 6100, our commitment ensures a smooth and seamless transition for those choosing to change providers, guaranteeing their right to make independent decisions without undue influence from our organization.

Making the Transition: Your Right to Choose
Freedom of Choice: We recognize your right to select your service providers. CareSphere will support your decision to transition to a new provider without exerting any influence.

  • Informed Decisions: A support coordinator or targeted support manager will guide you through the process, ensuring you make an informed choice about transitioning to a new provider.
  • Timely Transition: Your transition to a new provider will occur within your desired timeframe, whenever possible, adhering to the guidelines of PA Code 55 Chapter 6100.

Collaboration for a Smooth Transition
Cooperative Efforts: CareSphere pledges full cooperation with the Department, managing entities, and support coordinators during your transition from the current to the new provider.

  • Supporting Your Needs: If transportation is part of your service plan, CareSphere will arrange for your visits to the new provider, ensuring a comfortable and informed transition.
  • Resolving Pending Matters: We will address any unresolved incidents in the Department’s information management system promptly, ensuring a clean slate as you move forward.

Conditions for Changing Providers
CareSphere recognizes specific situations that may necessitate a change in provider or transfer:

  • Safety risks to oneself or others
  • Changes or decline in the individual's needs
  • Significant alterations required in the provider’s program
  • Changes or closure of the service location

We will not initiate a transfer against your wishes due to the exercise of your rights, expressions of preference, or filing of complaints.

Notice Requirements
Should CareSphere be unable to continue providing services:

  • Advance Notice: We will issue a written notice at least 45 days before any proposed change of provider or transfer, detailing the reasons and suggested transition timelines.
  • Recipients of Notice: This notice will be provided to you, your designated representatives, plan team members, the Department, and all relevant coordinators.
  • Contents of Notice: The notice will include essential details such as your name, provider information, the service in question, and efforts made to address the issue.

Ensuring Continuity of Service
Ongoing Care: Throughout the transition period, CareSphere will continue delivering authorized services until the new provider is approved and ready to commence services, unless directed otherwise.

  • Coordinated Transition Planning: Your support coordinator will oversee the transition planning, including scheduling and participating in planning meetings to ensure a smooth handover.

Handling of Records
Transfer of Records: A complete copy of your individual record will be transferred to the new provider before the transition date, ensuring they have all necessary information to continue your care seamlessly.

  • Record Maintenance: The original individual record will be retained by the previous provider in accordance with § 6100.54, maintaining the integrity and continuity of your care history.

Your Journey, Supported
At CareSphere, we are dedicated to supporting you through every phase of your care journey, including the process of transitioning to a new provider. We are here to ensure that your rights are respected, your choices are honored, and your transition is smooth and dignified.

Jun 12, 2024

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