What are Our Service Rates?

At CareSphere, we're committed to transparency and clarity regarding our service rates. Our charges are meticulously calculated based on the actual costs of delivering high-quality care, ensuring fairness and affordability. Below, you'll find a detailed breakdown of our service rates, including various factors that influence pricing and information on insurance billing.
Insurance and Billing:

  • Direct Billing: We bill Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, other private insurance carriers, or third parties on behalf of our patients.
  • Patient Responsibility: Patients are responsible for payment of services not covered by their insurance, with clear communication about any charges for non-covered services.
  • Medical Supplies: Supplied per insurance guidelines, with patients informed about charges for non-covered items.

Rate Variables:
Our charges vary based on:

  • Type of Care: Tailored to the specific services you need.
  • Timing: When the care is provided, including after-hours and holidays.
  • Location: Where the care is delivered, with considerations for remote areas.

Initial Visits and Assessments:

  • No Cost: Initial visit and non-medical assessment.
  • Nursing Assessments: Charged separately if required.
  • Mileage Fees: May apply under certain circumstances, discussed prior to service commencement.

Statutory Holiday Rates:

  • Additional Charge: Base rate plus $3 per hour.
  • Recognized Holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4, New Year's, Memorial Day, Easter, Labor Day.

Overtime Rates:

  • Increased Rate: 1.5 times the standard rate, in accordance with regulations.

Note: Overtime and statutory holiday rates will be higher.
Our fee schedule reflects the basic fees for our comprehensive range of services. We ensure all costs are worked out and discussed with you prior to the commencement of service, maintaining transparency and trust throughout our partnership.
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Jun 11, 2024

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